Vegaroo makes it easier to eat a
plant-based diet

How does it work?

  • ✅ Track food groups
  • 😋 Get recipe recommendations
  • 📈 Analyze your diet
  • 🙌 Achieve your goals

Eating less animal products helps you...

Lose weight

Lower the risk of disease

Have more energy

Protect the environment

Reduce animal suffering

"But I'm too busy to cook vegan meals!"

"But I can't find those fancy vegan ingredients at my grocery store!"

"But vegan food is bland!"

"But vegan recipes are always so complicated!"

Vegaroo has a strict no-tolerance policy

  • No recipes longer than 30 minutes
  • 🙄 No fancy ingredients
  • 🍚 No tasteless meals
  • 🤔 No complicated cooking techniques
  • 🍆 No food porn

How does it work?

1. Track  ✅

It can be tough to get enough nutrients on a plant-based diet. Vegaroo has you covered with food group tracking to make sure you get enough Protein, Iron, B12, and more.

Use Vegaroo to track the daily dozen

2. Eat  😋

Based on your diet and goals, Vegaroo will provide personalized recipe recommendations. Here are some of the most popular:

3. Improve  📈

Need to eat more fruits? More nuts? Vegaroo's nutrition reporting helps you to identify the holes in your diet and find ways to improve.

Visualize your improvement over time